Intuitively I chose to work with Moenja for the branding of my new yoga venture Vers Licht. Her work spoke to me, because her style is pure, spiritual, has a natural flow to it and comes from her heart.


I'm so happy that I chose to work with Moenja, because she really senses the brand feeling. I think that sensing and feeling part is very important in order to give live to beautiful creations.


Her work feels like art work. Furthermore she is very professional and guides the process in a very smooth way, even though she is situated in Bali and I am in Holland.


I would definitely recommend working with Moenja. ~


We had the pleasure to work with Moenja on various hotels we were opening all around the world with the Selina group.


Moenja has been always very responsive and delivering on time. She has a great dedication to details which was much appreciated.


I am looking forward to work with her again! ~



United Stated


Moenja is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a great eye for design and communicating brand and storytelling visually across digital and print media.


Work was always completed on time and was highly satisfactory.


I highly recommend working with her! ~


Moenja is a true ‘priestess of the Moon’, since her art reflects on emotions and feelings from her own unique feminine, and sacred perspective.


It is a joy and an honour to embark on this journey on the wanderings of her soul that she invites you to.


She creates beautiful collage art pieces on the layers and depths of (universal) themes on the art & love of life. ~




I am extremely happy with the results of our photoshoot. When I shared my ideas with Moenja before the shoot, she immediately compiled a mood board which blew me away; she put every vague thought, word, or idea I had into this amazing mix which made me very excited to get started.


During the shoot Moenja was very patient, she really put in time and effort to make sure the pictures would show all of who I am. And they do!


I can recommend everyone to work with Moenja, especially if you love her raw, natural and sometimes dreamy style as much like I do.~


This may be slightly bias as I know Moenja on a personal level, however I am genuine when I say the work she has done on my company has not only secured me new business but she has created a brand for me to be proud of.


Her attention to detail is something I can say is only a gift a real artist has.


I highly recommend her for her integrity and most importantly her skills she has.~



I was drawn to her clean cut and well thought out minimalistic style. We had an online meeting and she was extremely helpful in jotting down my ideas and bringing them to life.


Nothing was to hard for her and she was extremely patient and also very prompt. I will use Moenja again and again and I can’t wait to grow my businesses and ideas with the help of her artistic touch. 

She is also extremely beautiful and has a kind caring golden heart. ~

Moenja worked on my brand, label and packaging of our new product at a very affordable price! She did an excellent job, a true talented graphic designer! She was just a sweet person to work with.


She saw the vision for the brand and took on feed backs really well and overall the project turned out simply perfect!


I definitely will recommend Moonsign to everyone and most of all I will be using your service for future projects.


Thanks again Moenja, for your excellent service and work.~